“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know of wonder and humility.”Rachel Carson

Educational Programming

Children’s Programs

Human communities and natural ecosystems are interconnected and interdependent.
Most of us know this intuitively and we all observe it on a daily basis. Commuting to work on a snowy day, experiencing the price and taste differences of fresh fruit and vegetables in the marketplace throughout the seasons, and recycling are all fairly common experiences that we share.

Fox Haven offers children opportunities to observe, learn, play and find refreshment and inspiration amidst the ecosystems at the farm. The dynamic balance of ecological systems of which we are a part are explored and discussed in exciting ways at Fox Haven.
Expression of what is learned and reflected upon takes many forms:
Working with the earth in the garden and compost, exploring the forest and streams, observing insects, creating visual art, story writing and storytelling, poetry, and letter writing.

Participants are encouraged to find ways to use what they learn and share it with their families, classrooms, scout groups, and seats of government.

All programs can be 1-4 hours in length depending on your goals and number of participants. Programs are adjusted for age and ability levels. We match our experiences to state education standards, STEM, STEAM, Eco-literacy and Ag-literacy.
Pricing is dependent on supplies needed, length of time spent at the farm, and number of children in the class/field trip.
We require a minimum of 8 children. We prefer to keep the size to 25, so if you have a larger group we can create more groups so that children have a rich experience.
We will work with teachers, parents, youth workers to craft a class to meet your needs.

  • Butterfly Bonanza
  • Beekkeeping 101
  • Composting: worms, scraps and more
  • Conservation: land-water-animal connection
  • Fire & Frost: fire-making, animal tracking
  • Fox Forest Walkers
  • Garden to Kitchen to Belly
  • Grow a Magic Beanstalk
  • Herbs for Wellness & Taste
  • Learning from the Land
  • Mindfulness in Nature
  • Native vs. Non-Native Plants
  • Permaculture Kids
  • Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Oh My!
  • Pollinators and Us
  • Slow Food: Exploring with our Senses
  • Storytime in the Big Red Barn
  • Watershed Stewardship
  • Wild Food Foraging