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3rd Annual Mindfulness in Education and Peace Conference – 9/23

September 23 @ 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Announcing 7:30 am Yoga before the conference – Donation Based Class for Community Programs – $12 suggested

Must sign up with Jan by Friday morning 30 max –

This class is for all levels. Please bring a mat and water plus a snack for afterwards.


The Mindfulness in Education and Peace Conference at Fox Haven Farm and Retreat Center was  created to explore the issues and barriers to personal and social transformation in educational, social work, health, humanities, art, and collegiate systems in our area. We are providing keynotes and breakout sessions, which explore and identify solutions at the individual, systematic, classroom, and community level.

We are inviting, teachers, scholars, artists, health care providers, social workers, and caretakers who want to bring mindfulness into their work in order to support socially transformative ways of living and being in an increasingly complex world.


PLEASE SIGN UP FOR WORKSHOPS with Jan at prior many have a limit number.  There should be only 3 Workshops listed ( No NEED to sign up for  Featured Speakers, Keynotes or Mindful Music ).

8:30 am – 9:30 am –  upper part of Barn – Opening Address and Meditation Kaira Jewel Lingo – ( No Sign Up needed open to all)

Kaira Jewel Lingo teaches Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, and compassion internationally, with a focus on activists, people of color, artists, educators, families, and youth. She began practicing mindfulness in 1997. An ordained nun of 15 years in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing, she is now a lay Dharma teacher based in Washington, D.C., leading retreats in the U.S. and internationally, and offering mindfulness programs for educators and youth in schools, as well as individual spiritual mentoring. She edited Thich Nhat Hanh’s, Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children and helped to start and develop Wake Up Schools, cultivating mindfulness in education. She explores the interweaving of art, play, ecology and spiritual practice and is a certified yoga teacher and InterPlay leader. She teaches each year at Schumacher College, an ecological college in the United Kingdom. In addition to her roots in the Zen tradition, she also practices and teaches in the Insight tradition, and is an affiliate teacher for the Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC. She contributed a chapter to the forthcoming book, Real World Mindfulness for Beginners, from Callisto Press. Visit

Vanessa Durrant, MSW, LCSW-C, LCSW, RMT, RYT – Kindred Tree Learning Center, Frederick, MD

Workshop Session 1 : 9:40 am – 11:10

Mindful Parenting, The Brain, & Holistic Family Fun ( 30 people max)

In this workshop you will learn the foundation for mindful and intention based parenting as well as the brain science that supports this. We’ll learn about brain development in children across the life span and then learn ways to positively impact brain growth and attunement  with our kids. This workshop will be both educational and experiential. We will utilize art, music, and yoga based activities to ensure that you leave this workshop with new tools to support your parenting journey.

Christine K. Dance

Special Needs Mindfulness and Yoga Integration: ( 30 people max)

This introduction workshop will teach the characteristics and needs of special needs disorders including developmental delays, autism, ADD/ADHD, down syndrome, anxiety, traumatic backgrounds, and more. Basic behavioral and motivational principles useful for children with special needs in individual work as well as group classes will bedetailed along with beneficial communication strategies.

Kelly Petrie – Mindfulness Educator – MA Contemplative Education – Oregon, WI – media publicity

Connecting as A Community Through Council Practice: ( 20 people max)

Council Practice, informed by Native American traditions, is a way to facilitate meaningful interactions within a group. Council strengthens connections to one’s community through candid and heartfelt conversations that emerge through a safe, story-telling container where everyone’s voice has an opportunity to be heard and honored. This presentation will explore a variety of council forms through interactive, experiential learning that takes place in Council Circle. Because of the intimate nature of this presentation, space is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.*

Keynote Speaker  

11:15 – 12:15 Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams ( Open to All In Barn )

For or over 15 years, she has deeply invested her time and energy to putting into practice her unwavering belief that the key to transforming society is transforming our inner lives. She has developed comprehensive systems for illuminating both practical personal change and the profoundly liberating potential of mindfulness, yoga, and somatic practices coupled with wisdom teachings. Calling for a paradigm shift that “changes the way change is done,” angel envisions the building of a presence-centered social justice movement as the foundation for personal freedom, a just society and the healing of divisions of race, class, faith and politic.

12:15 – 12:50 – Grab lunch in DP and wander FH

Workshop Session 2: 12:50 – 1:50 pm

Cultivating a ‘Sense of Place’, from the Classroom to the Community … and Beyond ( 20 max) with Joann Coates Hunter ( Director of Operations and Education Fox Haven Farm and Retreat Center) and  Randall Amster ( Georgetown University)

One of the primary goals of education at all levels—whether in formal settings or informal ones—is to cultivate a sense of connection to others and interconnection with the world around us. Values of empathy, respect, and diversity can be enhanced when people are grounded in place and empowered to share their experiences through those connections. This collaborative workshop will explore techniques for cultivating a ‘sense of place’ at the individual, communal, societal, global, and ecological scales.

Lead Teachers Ross Robinson and Alaetra Lartee will be leading this workshop

Peaceful Conflict Resolution – Holistic Life Foundation, Inc. – ( 30 – 40 max)

Teachers from HLF / Baltimore, MD Holistic Me and Mindful Moment – learn more about their programs at

Oprah article

Art, Nature, and Contemplative Practice as Tools For Helping Youth Heal & Shine (30 max)

Journey into the incredible trajectory of “Fly By Light” through the eyes of two Fly By Light program facilitators. Fly By Light, the award-winning documentary film about the pioneering Fly By Light program for vulnerable youth in Washington, DC, quickly put One Common Unity on the map. For 16 years, the DC based nonprofit, has been breaking cycles of violence and building compassionate, healthy communities through the transformative power of music, arts, and peace education. In this workshop, you will discover best practices and explore ways that the Fly By Light program has innovatively leveraged the arts and mindfulness to inspire students to reach their full potential and become leaders in their communities.

Featured Afternoon Speaker: 2:00 – 3:00 pm ( All in the Barn)

We all experience struggles and challenges in life, and self-compassion, a close cousin to mindfulness, offers us one way of meeting those difficult moments — a way in which we can be with ourselves with tenderness and care. In this talk, Dr. Karen Bluth will articulate how self-compassion is described, briefly review the research on self-compassion, and integrate experiential practices so that participants learn specific tools to help them work with their emotions when challenging moments arise.

Dr. Karen Bluth has been practicing mindfulness for over 35 years and has attended numerous retreats at Insight Meditation Society, Southern Dharma Retreat Center, among others. She co-founded the Knoxville Interfaith Meditation Group in 1994, and practiced regularly with this meditation group for 18 years. Dr. Bluth received her mindfulness instructor training at the Center for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts Medical School, and completed her doctoral training in 2012. Dr. Bluth’s research focuses on improving adolescent and family well-being through mindfulness interventions, and is particularly interested in how mindfulness practice can help adolescents navigate what can be a challenging developmental period.  In addition to her mindfulness training, Dr. Bluth is a former educator with 18 years classroom teaching experience with children and adolescents. She is the Associate Director of the Program on Integrative Medicine at University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill.

Workshop Session 3 ( 4 choices ): 3 – 4:15 pm

Create balance in all aspects of your life and enjoy robust health! (25 – 35 max)

Carla McAdams – Owner Mountain Spirit Yoga – Middletown, MD

Many of us accept the myth that aging necessarily brings aches and pains, reduced mental clarity, and declining energy to enjoy our passions in life. However, it is also possible to age with increasing vitality and strength, and an abundance of energy to live your life to the fullest. Come learn how the tools of yoga – mental awareness, breath control, movement, and meditation -can help create more strength and vigor in your body, clarity in your mind, and an awakened spirit. All it takes is a willingness to shift your perspective of yourself and aging, and follow yoga practices each day to reclaim your vibrant health!

This presentation will include simple yoga practices suitable for everyone. No prior yoga experience necessary.


Circle Up ! Restorative Justice ! ( 20 max)

Restorative Justice is a philosophy, and an attendant set of dialogue-based practices and principles, that center a community around equitable and inclusive relationships of trust, understanding, and collaboration. It has its roots in indigenous approaches to living in right relationship with one another, including traditions of storytelling in circle and re-integration of those who have harmed other members of the community. Peacemaking circles are one of the core practices in Restorative Justice, used for collective grieving, celebration, reflection, decision making, problem solving, community-building, reconciliation, and more. This session aims to offer participants an opportunity to experience the power of the circle and reflect on its potential for your school, work, and life.

Rodney Stotts – Falconry

Healing in Urban and Rural Environments through Community Gardening and Animal Therapy – Featured Rodney Stotts and Xavier Brown and Xavier Brown (SoilFUL DC) –

***Yoga Nidra in a School Setting ( 8 people max )

Yoga Nidra, provides a powerful gateway to deep calm and relaxation.  An ancient yogic practice meaning yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra guides us to witness our thoughts, observe our emotions, and enhance awareness with gentle acceptance. It allows us to enter that state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  Yoga Nidra boosts resiliency and creativity, allowing children and youth to meet the challenges and opportunities presented to them in their daily lives with greater ease and awareness.  Yoga Nidra induces complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation, creating the space in which we can rest, recharge, and re-source.

Closing / Mindful Music with Max Bent ( beat boxer and Kevin Martin ( steel drums) – 5 – 6  pm in upper Barn ( ALL NO SIGN UP NEEDED) – Learning how to beat box and the steel drumming


September 23
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
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Chestnut Farm at Fox Haven
3630 Poffenberger Rd


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