Programs for All Ages

Fox Haven welcomes people of all ages to learn more about regenerative organic farming and gardening, ecology, mindfulness, and nature; to learn how we can live in greater harmony with nature and the elements that sustain us.  All of our classes for adults and children are able to be geared towards the needs of your group.  If you can’t make one of our events/classes when we first offer it, get 7 -10 friends together and we will work with you to offer the class during a time that is convenient for your group.

Fox Haven offers many opportunities for people to learn about the economic and social importance of 602473_10151424599397293_1803418850_n1environmental stewardship. We offer ways to help educators teach how human communities and natural ecosystems are interconnected and interdependent. Our partners and on-site team offer classes, lectures and hands-on workshops to clarify food security, the connection between pesticide use and ecosystem, soil and human health, the practice of mindfulness and more. We employ building, planting, harvesting, visual art, story writing and story telling, movement, poetry and letters to help people process what they learn. Participants are encouraged to explore ways to use what they learn at Fox Haven in their homes, jobs, civic groups, and in their communities.

We dig into rich soil, smell, harvest and taste plants in the garden workshops, observe pollinators and birds in the midst of their habitat, track wild animals and observe insects on the land and in the streams, and take “listening walks” where we hear bird calls, animal whistles, and the hum of insects. Taking a hike to rub the pigs’ bellies, hold the chickens and observe how they function in our regenerative agricultural practices is a lot of FUN!

Learning about the history of the honeybee, tree identification and appreciation, and studying the history of the mighty American chestnut tree and the science behind its decline and return in our orchard are soulful experiences that build upon the human-nature relationship. Study of the riparian buffers and restoration areas of the farm help us understand its link to clean water. Nutrition and cooking experiences that use seasonal foods from our gardens and wild foods from the land provide another way for students of all ages to learn about the networks, nested systems, cycles and flows of nature. Understanding the effects of various foods on the body’s ability to function in healthy ways improves self-confidence and raises awareness of and engagement with local food systems.  Check out our upcoming events for adults and youth, and join us!   Click here to see Children’s Programs  This is not a full list, but it gets you started!  And here are some for adults: 

Fox HavenIt is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know of wonder and humility.  – Rachel Carson