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“Throughout the living world, we find living systems nesting within other living systems.”

– Fritjof Capra

In 2001, a group of dedicated individuals joined founder, Harriett Crosby, to create something special – Fox Haven, an ecological reserve and gathering place committed to addressing local solutions to global problems.

Our work is divided into two entities, Fox Haven Organic Farm, LLC that cultivates organic fruit and vegetables, and a non-profit Learning Center comprised of an herb farm, fruit and nut orchard, and apiary, all of which are utilized as spaces for nature-based educational programs and farmhouse rentals.

Recognizing the impact of traditional farming, all of our farms at Fox Haven embrace innovative, regenerative growing practices, creating a haven that builds biodiversity and ensures the well-being of our community, wildlife, and the land. With each seed planted, we’re not just farming. We’re nurturing the soil, protecting water quality, and contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change.

At Fox Haven, we’re on a mission to educate and inspire a new generation of caring Earth stewards. From ethical wild food foraging, herb farming & herbal CSA, and beekeeping, to forest bathing, wilderness skills, and homesteading, we empower learners of all ages to build new skills that better the environment and themselves.

We invite you to come visit–slow down, come back to your senses, feel the healing power of nature, explore something new, and become part of a community actively shaping a healthier, more harmonious world.


Learning Center

Fox Haven Learning Center uses its beautiful natural campus of woodlands, streams, farmland, orchard, barn, and dairy parlor for educational programs for adults and children. Fox Haven’s classes encompass a wide range of topics spanning foraging for wild edible foods, gardening, cultivating mushrooms, herb production, and cooking classes, to personal immune health, all honoring nature as our teacher.  Fox Haven’s Learning Center proudly continues to provide the region’s first Fresh Herb Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. With pick-up locations and hands-on classes offered in Frederick, Baltimore, and D.C., we strive to engage and educate a broad audience on the healing potential of herbs, empowering members with knowledge to enhance their wellbeing.

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Rentals & Retreats

Fox Haven is also an ecological retreat, a safe haven for individuals and groups to step out of the bustle and experience the vital energy of nature. Core to our founding vision, grounded in nature and contemplative practice, we established places to bring people together. Our refurbished Dairy Parlor meeting space hosts up to 99 people with a full complement of meeting furnishings and AV support. Three renovated houses provide a cozy and well-appointed home away from home for an individual, family, and group retreats. Learn more about our facilities for rentals, gatherings, and retreats.

The Farms

The impact of chemical-intensive farming poisons the land and all the tiny microscopic organisms in the soil. It pollutes waterways, destroys habitat and wildlife, including bees and beneficial insects needed for food pollination. To address these problems, ALL of the farms at Fox Haven use innovative, regenerative agricultural practices that build biodiversity that is sustainable and healthful for people, wildlife, and the land.  We bring spirit into the cultivation of land and are rebuilding the soil biome, protecting water quality, and mitigating global warming.  Learn more about these techniques and our sustainability models and regenerative practices on our land projects page.

Fox Haven is a diverse, inclusive, and growing community.

Get to know more about our team of wonderful dedicated staff, the board of directors, and instructors. Meet some of our amazing partners and supporters. Learn how you can volunteer or intern at Fox Haven and be part of something greater than yourself that’s restorative, beautiful, and life-giving.



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