We’d like to introduce some of the amazing people and organizations we work with and encourage you to get to know their worthy programs and businesses.

  • Fox Haven Learning Center is a co-founder of the Frederick County Food Council. We conduct research, interviews, and strategic planning to increase farm to institution sales of locally grown food, created Frederick Fresh – an online platform for folks to purchase locally grown food from our county’s farmers, help increase access to fresh produce via the partnership with Hungry Harvest. We also host multiple programs around the county that highlight sustainable and regenerative farming, groups working to improve access to fresh food in food desert areas around the county, reduce food waste, and provide education programs on fresh food, cooking, and health, and on the roles of a Food Council.
  • We provide leadership on the Frederick Farm to School team, to connect local growers with the school nutrition program. Taste tests of locally grown produce, educational programs, and hosting regular meetings of the leadership team are just some of the ways that we partner with Frederick Farm to School. With help from Fox Haven, the Farm to School group recently received a USDA implementation grant that will get food grown by more local farmers into the school system.
  • We partner with Ron and Adam Holter of Organic Valley Dairy Cooperative by providing pasture for rotational grazing of cattle. To increase soil biodiversity and health, the heifers are moved every 1-3 days across our 50 acres of pasture, making happy soil, happy cows, and tasty milk that is available for purchase at the Common Market Coop and MOM’s Organic Market in Frederick, MD.
  • Several non-profit organizations bring clients to Fox Haven to engage in light volunteer work and informal education. Some of these groups include individuals with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), mental health challenges, addictions, and intellectual challenges. We also work with senior citizen groups, cultural groups, and children’s groups to offer meaningful experiences at the farm and learning center.
  • We partner with Full Cellar Farm and Kip Kelly to provide a CSA pick up at Fox Haven. Kip’s farm supplies us with tasty veggies for our community dinners.
  • Fox Haven is an approved site to offer educational programs as part of the University of Maryland’s Master Naturalist program.
  • We serve as members of the Catoctin and Monocacy Watershed Alliance and appreciate the shared passion for protecting these precious watersheds.
  • Our work with the Heart of Maryland Conservation Alliance connects us to advocate with parks, private landowners, and institutions to protect this region’s land, flyways and waterways as pressure to develop rises.
  • As a member of the Mid-Atlantic Farm Based Educator Network, we provide training opportunities to farm-based educators from around the region.
  • We advocate for healthy soil, systemic change to organic, and pesticide protections through our membership in the Maryland Smart on Pesticides Coalition, where we have advocated to pass first-in-the-nation laws protecting pollinators, wildlife and the Bay from neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics), established pollinator-protected habitat on state lands, and in 2020 helped pass a Maryland ban on the brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos.
  • We are supportive members of Future Harvest, A Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, American Herbalists Guild, United Plant Savers, and Frederick Tourism Council.


Fox Haven engages with these organizations, so their members can enjoy visits providing hands-on experiences of nature and a working farm.

  • Clear View Communities of Frederick
  • ARC of Washington County
  • Asian American Center
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Frederick Farm to School
  • Community F.A.R.E.


Maryland Arts Council, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and Frederick Arts Council.


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