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“Through the CSA, I’ve learned how to fight off colds before they become infections and have reduced my needs for antibiotics.

– John Kelbel


Fox Haven is proud to continue offering the region’s first Fresh Herb Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Our Herb CSA offers a range of herbs from different cultural and geographical backgrounds as well as a diverse mix of culinary herbs and spices. Our mission is to provide nutritive herbs, grown by hand, for our community members.

We are grateful for the partnership of The Mushroomworks, The Plant Path, Open Book Farm, Moutoux Orchard, Swallowtail Farm, Catoctin Quaker Camp, and Leaf Love Farm for growing, wildcrafting or offering their land for wildcrafting and forage to deepen the offerings of what we grow at Fox Haven and offer in our CSA.


Before you pick up your CSA share, we send out an e-newsletter to explain what herbs you’ll be receiving, along with recipes and other resources to help you make the most of your share. After a season with us, your pantry will be full of homemade teas, tinctures, oils, salves, and vinegars.


We are pleased to offer three CSA locations, made possible through our partnership with Blue Light Junction in Baltimore Maryland, and Vital Traditions in College Park Maryland. There are also three different types of CSA membership options, each designed to meet different needs.

Building Your Herbal Relationship is a monthly CSA package with a 2 hr. hands-on class each month. This format is best for beginners and community-oriented learners.

Building Your Herbal Apothecary is a monthly CSA option without formal instruction, suited more to the returning CSA member, individual learner, or the intermediate herbalist.

You-Pick Herbal Share is a monthly CSA option only available in Frederick, at the farm. Members will be guided through harvesting and can ask questions along the way.

We look forward to sharing the bounty of this season’s herbs with you and your families! Join us!


Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Price: $50 OFF

In acknowledgment of the fatal injustices committed upon the black and brown community and the health toll this continues to take on folks, we are offering a discount to our herbal CSA for any BIPOC folk who would like it. This offering is meant to be a step we can take at Fox Haven to be an active agent in your healing and thriving, and an acknowledgment of the structures of privilege that seek to undermine that wellness. To receive $50 off your order, use the discount code CSA50 during checkout.

Buy A Reparation Share for a BIPOC CSA Member: Add $50 or more to your order

Fox Haven recognizes that our non-profit has played a role in perpetuating systems of racism and colonization through our privilege. We engage in financial and material reparations to communities of color and indigenous peoples and learn from those leading the way to a more just future. We encourage you to join us in this by buying a Reparations Share that can be passed on to any BIPOC person who wishes to receive this form of reparations. 


Frederick, MD at Fox Haven Farm
Blue Light Junction in Baltimore, MD
Vital Traditions in College Park

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a partnership between community members and a local farm they want to see flourish and provide them with products. By growing herbs, we are investing in your health and resilience. By joining our CSA, you are investing in our growth, resilience, and purpose. In each share, you’ll receive the bounty of our land and each season’s gifts.


I will be away during one of the pick-up days, can I pick my share up another day?

Yes, please give us a week’s notice. If you pick up at Fox Haven, you can either double up for your next month’s share, pick-up on a date selected ahead of time with Lacey, or have a friend come get your share. If you pick up at College Park or Baltimore you can double up on your next month’s share, schedule a time to come to Fox Haven to pick up your share, or send a friend to pick up your share on the usual date. CSA members can arrange with us by email or phone.

What happens if I miss a share without giving notice?

Leftover shares are considered forfeited and will be donated to a community herbalist or organization that can ensure that their harvest is honored.

Where do I pick up my share?

On 1st Sundays of the month, shares will be available for pickup at Fox Haven Learning Center located at 3630 Poffenberger RD in Jefferson MD. From 9:30-11:30 am the Relationship CSA members will be engaged in apothecary fun during the class. Apothecary Members can pick up their share between 9:30-11:30 am and are welcome to sit in on class.

On 3rd Saturdays of the month, shares will be available for pickup at Blue Light Junction located at 3 West 23rd Street in Baltimore, MD. Pickup and class for Relationship Members will be held from 9:30 -11:30 am. Apothecary Members can pick up their share between 9:30 and 11: 30 am and are welcome to sit in on the class.

On 3rd Sundays of the month shares, will be available for pickup at Vital Traditions located at 4912 Brewyn Rd. in College Park, MD. Pickup and class for Relationship Members will be held from 9:30 -11:30 am. Apothecary Members can pick up their share between 9:30 and 11: 30 am and are welcome to sit in on the class.

Are there opportunities to get involved in the garden?

YES! We are looking for 5 interns per season to work with us. Interns will receive the CSA, holistic education and mentorship. We also hold workdays throughout the season – please email lacey@foxhavenfarm.org to be put on the volunteer list to get weekly emails of opportunities. We’ll be planting, harvesting, pulling weeds, swapping garden and herbalism tips and soaking in some plant oils and sunshine! We also welcome anyone to contact us with schedules and interests. In addition to that, all CSA members are offered a free pass to a scheduled garden tour, please look at our schedule for dates for Garden Tour and Tea Tastings that happen monthly from May – October.

How much is a bundle?
Each bundle retails between $3 and $5. The specific size and weight can vary depending on the herb itself, the quantity we have available, and the season. We’ll give you an idea of the herb bundle size if we have specific quantities planned when we send you the order form for each month of choosing herbs. Relationship CSA members can expect a standard to generous handful bundle for each herb in their share.

How are your herbs grown?

All of our herbs are planted, tended and harvested by hand. We never use harsh chemicals, pesticides or practices we feel like compromise the health of the plants or soil. Raising herbs is different from raising food crops. While an herbal botanical does have The herbs we grow have primary plant metabolites (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) it is the and secondary plant metabolites (alkaloids, terpenoids, and bioflavonoids, ect) that we seek. Plants produce these secondary plant metabolites when they undergo moderate amounts of stress.

What does that mean?
Herbs that are heavily watered, planted in deep compost or otherwise pampered might be lush and green, but may be substantially less potent and smell less strongly of say, Rosemary. At Fox Haven we feed our soil and work to build soil with better structure and draining capacity that is alive with microbes. We let the herbs grow themselves and even encourage a little nibble from an insect or a little period of dryness to prod our plants into producing the volatile oils and active chemicals our members are looking for. This means our Rosemary smells super strong!


Our Fresh Herb CSA may be at the end of its season, but the herbal fun doesn’t have to stop now! Fox Haven’s forth annual Dried Herb CSA will keep you well-nourished during the winter months.

This CSA runs from January through April with online classes every third Saturday from 9 am-10:30 am on Zoom.

The Dried Herb CSA is appropriate for beginners and intermediate herb enthusiasts and includes a monthly digital study guide with recipes and herb profiles, 5 herbal preparations per month and an hour and half long live Zoom class each month to learn how to prepare your herbs and explore concepts together.

Some blends we’re excited to have in the Winter CSA include: Calendula Sage Mouthwash, Mullen and Linden Lung Tea, Hibiscus Rose Cordial, Chaga Ashwagnahda Chai, Fig, Spicebush, Ginger and Turmeric Cookie Spice, Nettle Burdock Bread Broth, After-Ivy Chickweed Salve, Soothing Licorice Syrup, Rose and Sage Pastilles, and Thai Lemongrass Soup

A one-time pick-up for all 4 months is available at Fox Haven in Frederick, and at partner locations in Baltimore and Takoma Park. If an in-person pickup isn’t possible, we can also ship the share anywhere in the country (shipping not included).

recipes and ideas to try at home.



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