Fresh Herb CSA

Fox Haven Learning Center has teamed up with Sundown Herbs, Vital Traditions LLC, and Ravenrock Farms to offer the region’s first Fresh Medicinal Herb CSA.

Our CSA offers a range of herbs from different backgrounds including Appalachian, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal traditions as well as a diverse mix of culinary herbs and spices. Our mission is to provide nutritive and immune supporting herbs, grown organically by hand, for our community members.

Every tradition of people stems from a relationship with plants. In the modern era many of us have lost touch with this relationship. Our lives have been severed from the land. This Herb CSA invites you to reconnect with your roots, deepen your understanding and rebuild your herbal support system.

Through your membership you will also be supporting our work to begin a bio-regionally harvested seed bank, that builds the resilience of our seeds. As our membership grows we will gain the collective strength to begin cultivating rare and endangered herbs and to repopulate our forest land at Fox Haven.

We are pleased to offer three different CSA options, each designed to meet different needs.
Building Your Herbal Relationship is a monthly CSA package with an hour long hands-on class that is best for beginners and community-oriented learners. Building Your Herbal Practice CSA is a Bi-monthly option without classes that speaks to the individual-learner or the intermediate herbalist. Building Your Herbal Apothecary CSA is an open CSA that is designed for clinical herbalist and advanced practitioners, or those herbalist living further away.
To Register please email Lacey at and use our DONATE button to pay – you can click on this link:

We look forward to sharing these herbs with you and your families! Join us!




The Herb CSA is sleeping for the winter and will be starting up again in the spring. If you are interested in the CSA, be sure to contact Lacey Walker and check our social media to be sure you don’t miss updates.