2022 Year in Review

                            A look back at 2022’s biggest moments
There’s no denying it, 2022 was a whirlwind! Fox Haven continued to be a reprieve where guests could visit and take a much-needed break in nature. Our programming has been strong with new classes to meet the growing interest, herb garden and orchard production has been at an all-time high, and the farm has been revered as a place to be for retreats and family gatherings. Looking back, we are proud of our accomplishments at a time when our actions speak volumes about what we stand for. Here’s a list of 10 achievements we are celebrating this year.

10 Accomplishments We’ve Achieved in 2022

Cedarville Band of the Piscataway Conoy Nation at a Recognition event in Annapolis


1) With $2 being paid from every ticket sale, we raised $2432 toward LandBack taxes. This fund will be paid directly to the Cedarville Band of the Piscataway Conoy Nation, in recognition of the land where Fox Haven currently resides. We are grateful that this new initiative has not only provided funds, but a learning opportunity and an easy way for our community to give back.

2) We continued our commitment to building equitable funding practices and increased advocacy for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities.  In 2022, we expanded our BIPOC discounts and scholarships program–but not without help. This year, our Fox Haven community raised $1252 which has helped to provide skill-building knowledge and create opportunities for people to heal and thrive.

Word from a BIPOC Scholarship Recipient 

“I was part of the CSA this year through a BIPOC scholarship and am glad that I was able to. This has been such a wonderful experience not only getting to work with all of the herbalist such as Lacey and all the great interns that came, but also through other CSA members. I had an enriching time getting to know the folks in the group and most importantly the reason we were all there, the Herbs and Roots that are near and dear to this region we are all inhibiting right now. The best part of this CSA year was all the plants that we got to build relationships with, learn about, and think of other ways to work with them beyond just making teas. While teas are powerful and my usual go to, the CSA year pushed me to experiment with pastilles and other ways to use the medicines of these plants and roots. I really enjoyed that everything was so local and a big part of our education during our sessions were about how the herbs came to be in this part of the world from the first stewards to this land. I was able to pass along knowledge and anything that I made during this year to friends and family. I truly encourage anyone to partake in a Fox Haven course at one point in the near future.”

~Ursula W.

Pictured: Autumn light coming through as the herbal interns tuck Elecampane babies in for the winter, A bag of harvested and hulled chestnuts from one of our pick-your-own days

3) Our Fresh Herb CSA expanded! We had 2 new CSA sites, Blue Light Junction in Baltimore and Vital Traditions in College Park. College Park was a new region for our CSA, we are happy to say even in our first year, we were able to serve 18 new friends local to the area, and a total of 71 members combined from all CSA locations.

4) We offered more pick-your-own events including milky oats and chestnuts. This year, we were able to provide opportunities to harvest some of our largest crop yields. Collectively, over 60 people came out to harvest and bring fresh herbs and nuts to their families and community. In addition to this, we have maintained a partnership with Willow Oaks, who have provided us with land access to explore a new possible venture into value-added products. More information to come in the new year!

Wilderness teacher, Jason Drevenak and volunteers build wooden benches and fire ring for new primitive learning site
5) We welcomed a new wilderness skills teacher, Jason Drevenak who quickly became a crowd favorite. From his bushcraft school teachings to his National Geographic TV series, Jason brings his extensive knowledge and wild stories to the people of Fox Haven. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him join us!

6) Jason also designed and built a new primitive learning site that helped us to expand our ability to host classes outdoors. In this space, we held classes on fire-building and cooking (featured in the Frederick News Post). We also practiced making wooden spoons out of fallen sassafras and chestnut branches found on the land.

CSA members and Fox Haven interns at Blue Light Junction in Baltimore, MD.
7) Fox Haven interns have gone on to teach at the farm and beyond. It means a lot that we are able to foster an environment that allows folks to learn, but even more, that they have gone on to share their knowledge with others. Our interns are multi-talented–many are business owners, herbalists, students, and parents. To add farm interns and teachers to the list is really quite impressive.

8) We welcomed a new staff person, Randy, who has helped us maintain our buildings, chop wood for our farmhouse renters, and enthusiastically work to get some longstanding projects off the ground.

Please welcome our newest team member, Randy who joined us in September 2022!
9) This year, we seeded a new bank with pollinator plants. The goal is to help support our bees by having more plants to retrieve pollen and nectar from, and eventually have more honey produced at the farm.

10) Of course, all of our accomplishments come with gratitude to our supporters. Our growing member network supports us with monthly donations and helps us to sustain our work throughout the seasons. Farmhouse renters, CSA participants, and class-goers keep Fox Haven alive through their steady presence, financial contributions, and spreading the good word. We thank everyone who is receiving this email. Simply by staying conscious of our work, you are a contributor to our growth.

Pictured: Kids and families gather around our bee boxes to observe the bees working and identify the Queen, Members and their guests enjoy pressing our heritage apples into cider to take home

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