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Fox Haven in the News!

Fox Haven was featuredĀ in the Washington Post! Alongside one of our dear friends, Little Red Bird BotanicalsĀ and Melantated MedicianalsšŸ„° View this article for insight on foraging recommendations in the DMV, plus a peek at upcoming foraging classes at Fox Haven! Full article linked in bio!
Four ways to learn about fungi and foraging in the D.C. area

This retreat center in Frederick County, Md., aims to ā€œprovide a gathering place where people can reconnect with the natural world,ā€ says program director Alecks Moss.

The staff at Fox Haven grow more than 100 herbs, and ā€œthereā€™s a huge difference from the chamomile you get from the supermarket and the fresh flower picked in our garden,ā€ Moss says. She notes that foraging can become dangerous to individuals and ā€œdevastating to the environment,ā€ though, when people are overzealous or arenā€™t educated about best practices. Programs at Fox Haven revolve around the idea of safety and reciprocity between the forager and the environment.Ā

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Local farm offers a sweet nature-based education program

Resident beekeeper Taylor Roman explains that bees are some of the primary pollinators within the ecosystem. Pollinators are organisms that transfer pollen from one flower to the next which allows the plants to produce seeds and regerminate. Roman provided families not only with a honey tasting including different national and international varieties, he also walked them through the history of the food, which dates back to Ancient Egypt.

Roman also highlighted that Fox Haven Farm has 6 hive boxes that produce local honey which is harvested each spring. He lets the bees produce honey all through the summer and fall so they can stay alive during the winter, then whatever is leftover, he collects and sells. Roman says he likes keeping bees around the orchard to help guarantee pollination of the apple trees, making sure they yield the maximum amount of fruit each harvest.

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Our 2022 Foraging programs are right around the corner!

On Nov. 26, Fox Haven will open registration for the 2022 Foraging Level 1 & 2 programs. Participants meet once a month, and each class focuses on a new herb or wild edible thatā€™s in season.

These classes are in high demand and tend to fill quickly. Please join our waitlist if you would like to be the first to know when tickets go live!

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