Radical Self Care & Inclusive Wellness with the Holistic Agenda

Radical Self Care & Inclusive Wellness with the Holistic Agenda

Learning how to slow down and tend to the softest and most human parts of ourselves isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. In this workshop, Qubilah will define radical self-care and explore what it means to pursue it in a grind culture-obsessed society. Participants will learn about effective strategies to center their well-being and will be given time to create their very own self-care plans.

Proceeds from ticket sales will support Fox Haven’s BIPOC Scholarship Program. This offering is a way for Fox Haven to acknowledge the structures of privilege that undermine the wellness of black and brown-skinned people, and to create opportunities for people to heal and thrive.


Meet Your Teacher

A Maryland transplant, Qubilah is the Founder and Creator-in-Chief at The Holistic Agenda. The Holistic Agenda was born out of her vision of a world in which Black folks have more inclusive and accessible health and wellness information that is rooted in truth and purpose. In 2021, Qubilah participated in Fox Haven’s Fresh Herb CSA which nudged her further into the world of herbalism. She continues to grow her knowledge by regularly volunteering alongside interns at Fox Haven and teaching classes.

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