News: Farm Rentals Are Back! Plus, Classes & Tours

News: Farmhouse Rentals Are Back! Plus, private classes and tours…

Spring House Balcony overlooking the beautiful farm fields of Fox Haven

After months spent safely tucked away indoors, it’s only natural to desire a little time away from home. While we’re all eager to make up for lost spring vacations, planning a private farmhouse rental is by far the best local vacation choice at the moment. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. A Safe Vacation Just a Drive Away
After all that’s incurred this spring, you may feel rightfully hesitant to make travel plans that include three layovers, two taxi rides, and a busy hotel. Instead of braving this change head-on, our secluded rentals provide the perfect transition from home-bound life to farmhouse freedom within minutes of your home base. It’s the ideal solution to finally changing your scenery while still feeling safe from the crowd.

2. The Same Privacy as Home
During your farm-stay, the only contact you and your family will have is with each other.  You can prepare your food in a private kitchen and your outdoor relaxation will remain secluded to the wide, open spaces of our land. Our farmhouse rental will afford you the same privacy you have at home, but perhaps with a better view!

3. Fox Haven Farm Needs Your Support

As we weather the national lock-down, it’s crucial that we support small-town economies, local stores, and non-profits that are especially hurting. Fox Haven relies on community support to continue our mission. By renting one of our farmhouses, you are voting “yes” to support our local farming operations, wildlife preservation efforts, and education initiatives that keep Fox Haven going strong.

Private Classes & Tours Available

Did you know? Fox Haven offers a variety of private lessons and tours for groups of 6 or more. Plan an escape for you and your family to enjoy the comfort and ease of our countryside. Programs can be stand-alone classes or weaved into a farmhouse rental for the ultimate getaway.

Visit our website to learn how to book a fun and friendly Garden TourBeekeeping TourWild Food Forage, or good old-fashioned Nature Walk.

To protect our customers and employees, we are instating the following safety procedures for classes and private tours:

  1. Classes will be held outside or in spacious indoor areas.
  2. Masks are mandatory. A limited supply of disposable masks are available if yours breaks or malfunctions
  3. People who are not living in your household must keep at least 6 feet distance apart
  4. Belongings must be limited to your essentials and cannot be left unattended
  5. Class space will be limited. For contactless payment, event tickets can be purchased in advance via the Fox Haven’s website

We ask that visitors please be respectful of social distancing and care for yourself and others by doing so.

To ensure your safety, handwashing or hand sanitizing stations will be available at every meeting space. Any used tables or surfaces will be thoroughly wiped down before and after class.

If you are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, other cold or flu symptoms, please allow us to serve you at a later date.

For any questions or concerns, please email



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