Video: Fox Haven Foragers – Paw Paw Haul

Video: Fox Haven Foragers – Paw Paw Haul

Asimina triloba, or Paw Paws as most folks call them, are our native tropical-tasting fruit that grows wild and cultivated in our region. Tasting somewhere between a banana and a mango with the texture of custard, they have quickly become all the rage these last few years.

Paw Paw are ready to eat when they have a few darker spots on them and some nice give when you squeeze them. They generally drop from the tree when they are ready or come off easily in your hand. As soon as they hit the ground they start to perish – which is why you wont find them in grocery stores and very rarely will you find them at farmer’s markets even.
Our Orchardist, Taylor teaching about Paw Paws

We’re also lucky in our region to have a Paw Paw enthusiast and grower, Michael Judd, who just came out with his book For the Love of Paw Paws. The Judd family host an annual Paw Paw Festival at their homestead in Frederick – happening this weekend! Click here for ticketing info.
Harvesting goldenrod in the Orchard

We also hiked up to the orchard to explore goldenrod, it’s bright bursting flowers are one of the most prominent wildflowers during the beginning of Fall. We harvested many bundles for tea and some to take home.
Exploring the Paw Paws on Fox Haven’s land

Finally, we headed to the forest to explore paw paws in the wild. These plants spread by root, which means the one plant has the ability to produce many trees, as Taylor demonstrates. We were able to dig up some of the seedlings without causing damage to the ecosystem because of it.



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