Ways to give back (at no extra cost)

Many, many thanks!

As we move into the longest night of the year, with the delight of a waning and still bright moon, we extend our deepest thanks.  Your time at Fox Haven has made a difference in the life of the land and the lives of so many people and living organisms!

Remember, when you buy a class, rent a farmhouse, tell your friends about Fox Haven–this is what you are supporting. We are a relatively small team of people that you can find tending to the gardens, managing the holistic orchard and keeping the bees. Behind the scenes we are working on budgets and putting critical thought into the world we would like to build and co-create, starting with the land we call Fox Haven.

A learning center staff photo! From left to right we have: Alecks Moss (Program Coordinator/Marketing & Events Director), JoAnn Coates Hunter (Executive Director), Harriett Crosby (Founder), Mardelle Poffenberger (Business Manager, Living History Teacher), Taylor Roman (Orchardist, Beekeeper, Teacher, Caretaker), Lacey Walker (Learning Center Herb Farm, CSA & Herb Internship Manager), Ashley Hoffman (Graphic Designer, Facilitator & Outreach Specialist)

Ways to Give Back
at no extra cost

With the holiday season approaching, we know money can be tight. Consider ways you can give back at no extra cost.

1. Tell your friends about Fox Haven
The most impactful form of sharing is word of mouth, and for good reason. Expressing what you love with a friend is personal encourages others to take an invested interest, too.

2. Like and share our posts, forward newsletters to friends
We do our best to create meaningful content for you, from our what’s in bloom plant ID posts, meaningful impact stories, and interns goofing off in the garden. If you can’t make it out to the farm on the regular, Facebook & Instagram is the next-best way to stay connected!

3. Leave us a Google Review or Facebook Review
Tell the world about something that fueled a spark within you during your time at Fox Haven. Your story can create impact by influencing someone who may be on the fence about committing to a class or farmhouse stay. We also love reading what people have to say, it helps us grow as an organization too!

4. Come out and volunteer!
Have some free time? A day in the garden is always more nourishing than we may realize. Nothing beats getting your hands dirty as the sun smiles down upon you, or a meaningful farm chat as we harvest the season’s bounty. We have a free Call for Volunteers event coming up on February 5th!

5. Email us a testimonial of your experience
Testimonials help us with important things like writing grants and helping new students know what to expect when they sign up for a series with us. If you’re ok with us using any of your feedback for future promotion, send us a quick email about your experience at Fox Haven!

And if there is a little
extra to go around…

If you have some dollars to spare, here are some budget-friendly ways to support Fox Haven. All donations are tax-deductible!

1. Become a Member
As a farming operation, most of our income occurs in the middle of the year. Members make monthly payments (starting at $10/month) to help sustain us all year round. In exchange, members get benefits including access to the land, free swag and exclusive events.

2. Support our Black & Indigenous Reparations efforts
Fox Haven will continue to offer BIPOC discounts and scholarships in 2022. This offering is a way for Fox Haven to acknowledge the structures of privilege that undermine the wellness of black and brown-skinned people, and to create opportunities for people to heal and thrive. You can support this effort anytime by donating here.

3. Book a Stay in 2022
Fox Haven is an incredible setting for your next getaway, social gathering, conference, workshop, or business meeting. Our three houses, barn, and dairy parlor have been beautifully renovated, with all the amenities to make your stay a rejuvenating, rewarding, and unforgettable experience. Proceeds from rentals directly support our ability to pay our day-to-day expenses.

4. Buy a gift card for the holidays!
This holiday season, share all that Fox Haven has to offer by giving the gift of an on-farm experience! Fox Haven visitors enjoy year-round, nature-based programming including herbalism and foraging classes for adults and youth, wilderness training, and mindfulness in nature experiences to stimulate your mind and nurture your soul.

The perfect gift for family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and clients. Click here to purchase a gift card for a class, event or retreat held at Fox Haven.

5. Select us for Amazon Smile 🙂
Turn your Amazon purchases into a force for good. With every eligible purchase, AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Fox Haven by clicking here.

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