Video: The Simplicity and Efficiency of Rocket Mass Heaters

Video: The Simplicity and Efficiency of Rocket Mass Heaters

Rocket mass heaters capture heat from biomass. They are hand-built, stationary, and often beautiful fixtures, that can heat any indoor space using a fraction of the bio-fuel used in wood stoves and emits only steam and carbon dioxide. The thermal mass (often an earthen wall or bench) of the rocket mass heater hold heat consistently for long periods of time further increasing the efficiency of this design.

Renewable energy goes beyond solar panels and windmills. Utilizing recycled and natural materials to create a rocket mass heater takes sustainable heating to a new level. Our impact on the earth and reliance on extracting resources can be minimal. Utilizing biomass heat is a step in the right direction.

Pros and Cons of Rocket Mass Heaters

Can use local “waste” materials including sticks, carpentry scraps, cordwood, and even dried garden waste
A clean burn with no smoke, the end product is just steam, CO2, heat, and a little pale ash making the impact on the environment minimal.

  • Takes a fraction of the amount of wood as conventional wood heaters
  • Heat retention up to 24 hours post-fire (or more!)
  • The capability for full-body contact warmth with the heater

Thousands of pounds of masonry and a bit of heavy labor
The rocket stove is most efficient in the middle of the home which means potential remodeling
Local municipalities may not consider them compliant with local building regulations

Take energy into your own hands and join Bradley Sanders for a weekend intensive from June 22 to June 24 at The Timber Frame Folly in Shepherdstown, West Virginia to learn the ins and outs of building and utilizing a rocket mass heater.

More information at Rocket Mass Heater Building – 3 Day Intensive
Catch the pre-requisite class on June 15 if you are interested in the intensive!
More information at Rocket Mass Heater – Intro to the Materials



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