News: Visiting Fox Haven

News: Visiting Fox Haven

As we get closer to warmer weather and start planning out programming for these sunny days, we reflect on past events, visitors and experiences. Without the feedback of our visitors and participants, we would not be able to create a space for the community we are cultivating.

Because of the nature of our work, we have a diverse array of visitors. Sometimes these visitors have blogs and write about their experience. This can be very helpful in informing future visitors about what their experience might be like. A couple of years ago, Christine Rai, a college professor in the Washington, D.C. area did just that after visiting with some of her students.

From her blog, Taste Travel Teach:

“Our Fox Haven Farm experience began with a tour of their vegetable field and greenhouse. Education and Operations Director Joann Coates-Hunter talked us through the farm’s history and philosophy on a beautiful damp fall day.

The reclining mountains served as a backdrop for her talk on the perils of glycosophate, the benefits of composting, and the need to support pollinators. According to Joann, Fox Haven currently wholesales their produce to restaurants and local food delivery service Hometown Harvest. Students were able to address questions related to their research and benefit from her extensive expertise.

The second half of our farm visit brought us to the farmhouse kitchen for a plant-based cooking lesson led by Lacey Walker, Director of Farming Operations. Our class was greeted by a broad farm table spread with fresh produce, vegan cookbooks,  and plant-based food products.

The final part of our visit to Fox Haven was a hands-on cooking lesson in sauerkraut-making led by Lacey. Students sliced, salted, and massaged cabbage while joking and chatting.”

This is just one way to come enjoy your time at Fox Haven Learning Center. We have upcoming classes and programs listed on our website, sign up for our upcoming Herbal CSA, or volunteer!



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