News: Autumn Olives For Health

News: Autumn Olives For Health

It’s easy to assume that every red berry you see in the woods is poisonous. I mean, we’ve been told that since we learned to walk by parents, teachers and pop culture.

However, not every red berry is poisonous! In the fall we are greeted by a fun and beneficial variety called autumn olive. It is considered invasive, but proves itself welcome in the amazing health benefits it is able to provide.

“Ounce for ounce, the typical autumn olive berry is up to 17 times higher in lycopene than the typical raw tomato. Lycopene has generated widespread interest as a possible deterrent to heart disease and cancers of the prostate, cervix, and gastrointestinal tract, says Clevidence, who heads ARS’ Phytonutrients Laboratory in Beltsville”

When slightly underripe, the berries can be used to treat cough and pulmonary concerns. When ripe, we can make treats such as Autumn Olive Ketchup, Autumnberry Ice Cream Pie with Hazelnuts or add it to a mixed berry fruit leather to utilize those vitamins and minerals.



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