News: Falling into Mindfulness & Meditation

News: Falling into Mindfulness & Meditation

Summer is officially over. The fall equinox has come for a visit and while some might find this a relief, others may find that this is rather disappointing. Regardless, as the seasons change our lives often change. The frenetic energy of summer gives way to more contemplative and introverted moments. A shift in energy occurs not only in nature but in our hearts as well.

One way to stay present in our energies and emotions through the shifts in seasons is to practice yoga and meditation. Tapping into our breath and practicing mindful movement is an amazing way to come back to ourselves and the present moment. There are also other health benefits that you might not have been aware of.

Boosting the immune system. Meditation and yoga encourages the production of antibodies and creates a positive mental environment that causes the immune system to flourish. There are also studies that show a reduction in pro-inflammatory gene reduction in older adults.

Eases the symptoms of stress. Stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are alleviated with mindfulness practices that reduce inflammatory responses to stressors.

Improved health and better diet. By improving emotional health and flexibility, you are able to take part in more physical activities and feel more capable to take on daily tasks. Yoga and meditation continuously improves health and body responsiveness which often leads to better eating habits and a boost in confidence.

If you are looking to start your own mindfulness journey or continue to grow what you have already cultivated, consider joining our Gentle Mindful Yoga and Meditation Series taking place for 6 Tuesdays starting on October 2.



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